Certificates of Insurance Provided by UC

A Certificate of Insurance (COC) provides written evidence of insurance coverage. It states the types, amounts, and effective dates of insurance in force for the named insured.

Online Certificates (For university departments)

To simplify the process for providing proof of insurance to entities conducting business with the university, the UC Office of Risk Services developed an online current fiscal year University of California Proof of Self-Insurance Coverage*. The COC can be utilized, in most cases, when the university is asked to produce a certificate of insurance.

If you are asked to provide a COC to an outside party in conjunction with an agreement or contract refer them to the current fiscal year University of California Proof of Self-Insurance Coverage*.

Important: *For a copy of the Certificate of Self-Insurance Coverage, email Risk.Services@ucop.edu.

Excess Coverage

If you need to provide evidence of coverage in excess of the self-insured retentions, call UCI Risk Services at 949-824-6510 or visit the "Contact Us" webpage.

Risk Management is the only office that can issue UC Certificates of Self-Insurance on behalf of the UCI campus.

Registered campus organizations, off-campus groups, Alumni and support groups with insurance needs should visit Campus Connexions. For additional information or special needs e-mail Marsh, the university's insurance broker or phone 866-838-9536.

Detailed information on UC insurance requirements and certificates of insurance can be found in BUS-63.

Notice: University policies, procedures and applicable collective bargaining agreements shall supersede information in this document or elsewhere on this site.